Game development for Mobile network
Data Demand
Mobile network operators all across emerging markets are struggling to increase their penetration of data users. Funspot believes forms of usage will drive data demand. Our company offers a unique, local social entertainment experience that enables consumers to use photos, videos and social games in an exciting way.

Our service generates data usage and demand as people can relate to the idea of paying for an entertainment service rather than just paying for megabytes and gigabytes of data.
exciting games for mobile users
Virtual Goods
Revenue Opportunity
Virtual goods are now a proven revenue stream. Large social gaming companies generate more than 5BUSD revenues every year. However, the mobile network operator is not included in this opportunity. Funspot provides an opportunity for Mobile Operators to participate in this growing revenue stream. Consumers prefer a freemium model today for most of the services.

Funspot offers online mobile social games that consumers can play for free. All these games have an addictive virtual goods proposition which makes the games exciting for consumers.
Social Game Advertising in Smart Phones, IPhones, Android Mobiles
In-Game & In-App Advertising Revenue Opportunity
Funspot provides exciting new opportunities for advertisers to launch local-social-mobile engagement campaigns for brands and small business advertisers. Funspot also allows contextual in-game advertising models. Currently, Mobile Operators who promote OTT services like Facebook & Zynga are not part of the huge mobile advertising value chain.

Funspot offers the Mobile Operator an opportunity to participate in this growing revenue stream.
Over the Top (OTT) Strategy
Over the Top
(OTT) Strategy
In the past, operators focused on offering exclusive, walled garden services. This approach simply doesn't work anymore. There are several independent (Over the Top) companies who offer attractive services. This has resulted in both a loss of revenue and relevance to the operator.

Funspot offers a unique "Hybrid-OTT" model. Funspot partners with the operator to offer our social network and social gaming services to the consumers. However, these services are open (usable to any operator with any device). In emerging markets, Funspot believes the combination of Funspot + Operator, will be a more successful model than that of typical OTT players.

Operators view Funspot to be a strategic partner as they use this strategy to combat the OTT players and defend their revenues.
Mobile games based on user interest
One of the biggest issues in emerging markets is that often consumers are not able to discover all the great apps, games and services that are available to them.

By incorporating Funspot's powerful social platform and the operator's subscriber profile data, Funspot is able to offer unique apps and services to consumers which are the most relevant to their needs and interests. We base this decision on their billing profile, device profile, social graph & interest graph.