Build games and app for social market
Game Monetization
Game developers in today's emerging markets love to build games for their region. However, the monetization opportunities tend to be extremely limited. As a result, developers tend to build games and apps for the US / UK markets.

Funspot makes it simple and seamless for game developers to build games for their local markets and monetize them effectively. Our company helps game developers by allowing them to take advantage of our relationships with different Operators, which includes promotional arrangements. Further, with Funspot, it is possible to make a developer's game available for all consumers in these markets, irrespective of network or device types.
Game Developers Market
Game Promotion
Cost of acquisition is the biggest reason that many game developers can never make their games into a success. With Funspot, game developers don't spend anything on acquisition. We make games successful by leveraging Funspot's Mobile Social Gaming Network ecosystem.
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Cloud API
Cloud development
Funspot offers cloud APIs that enable game developers to make their games available on Funspot Mobile Social Gaming Network. We have worked hard to obtain operator billing contracts with several telcos in the emerging markets. This important step allows our game developers to leverage these relationships with a single integration to Funspot.
games in local language
Local Game Development
Today Funspot's social games and apps are available across several SE Asian countries in their respective local languages. We provide localizations services to ensure that your games are relevant and usable across all our markets.
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Operators Games
With our current operator relationships, by end of 2012, Funspot will have 300M consumers connected to the Mobile Social Gaming Network across SE Asia & Middle East. By making your games available on the Funspot Social Gaming Portal, all these consumers can discover, play and pay for your games. They will also be able to use your games in a trouble free fashion, as Funspot negotiates attractive data bundles with mobile operators for our consumers.