Social games + apps for Android, Windows, Blackberry mobile phones
Social games & apps
for any phone and any network

Through Funspot, amazing social entertainment services are available to everyone. Unlike in developed markets, many consumers in emerging markets don't have access to PCs, iPhones or credit cards.

Funspot's games and apps work on any device. Users can also belong to any mobile operator. Thanks to FunSpot, you can interact and enjoy social games and content without any issues!
Social Games in regional Language
Local, relevant
and cool
Funspot's mobile social community is built around local cultural experiences rather than following a "one product for the whole world" approach. Consumers enjoy our social games and social networking services in their own language and local environments, which makes the experience relevant and exciting.
Games for Free
Free-to-play data
Consumers now have more choices than ever before. Funspot allows consumers to play and enjoy its social games and photos and video sharing capability without charges. Also consumers only pay if they want to access and use premium features like buying virtual goods to advance in the game.
One-click Operator Billing
One-click Operator
In order for consumers to easily engage with new services, it is essential for the charging process to function without any issues or problems. Funspot provides a one-click purchase option using the mobile operator's billing capabilities.
Social entertainment with Photos, Videos, Games
Photos, Videos
& Games
Funspot offers unique entertainment experience using photos as well as videos and games. This allows consumers to share & discover user generated photos and videos. Comment, chat and interact with your friends' photos, videos and game encounters!