Add for Mobile, App, Games users
Local & relevant campaigns
Mobile advertising and social media advertising are growing areas of interest for advertisers. Funspot offers a unique, local engagement opportunity for advertisers targeting users on mobile and social apps and games. Social media and mobile campaigns can be lot more relevant and effective than just banner ads.
Game Advertising
In Game
Funspot has pioneered the area of relevant in-game campaigns. We are able to customize various social elements within our games to promote brands and associate them with positive aspects such as unique opportunities and success.
Ads in social Network
Ad Network
Funspot has connected with major global ad networks, and we are currently able to offer relevant social, mobile ads across Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. By end of 2012, we will have most ad networks for social mobile in SE Asia, as well as India and the Middle East.
Brands & Engagement
Brands &
Brand advertising on mobile social media is a new area and requires careful planning and execution. Typically, mobile content providers use mobile ads. However, brand advertising involves highly relevant exposure that leverages the social graph. Funspot has a focused program to offer specific engagement solutions to brands.
Community Campaigns
Community Campaigns
Funspot offers unique community engagement capabilities like ad-hoc photo contests, video contests, and game tournaments. These are great advertising opportunities to engage users as a community rather than individuals.